DC Studios confirms when the superhero panel reboot will be announced

DC Studios will reveal the first projects on James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new rebooted DCU next month.

Gunn and Safran have only been helming the DC studios for less than two months, however, and the action is already showing in their new universe. Henry Cavill’s Superman and Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam are both out of the picture, with all signs pointing to a reboot in the pipeline for the center console.

Naturally, fans are excited to see DC get it right after their controversial last decade of live-action storytelling. Jan and Safran worked hard to put together a decade-long plan for the DCU, and many are wondering when this will be revealed to the world before it finally kicks off in 2024.

The DC Studios duo reportedly pitched their big plan to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav last week, and it doesn’t look like it will be long before fans get their first glimpse into the future of the superhero universe.

James Gunn confirms DCU reboot announcement plans


After being asked by a fan on Twitter how many projects are on the slate for a new DCU reboot that will be revealed in January 2023, the DC Studios CEO James Gunn Confirmed there will be “few” included in the advertisement.

The superhero filmmaker has previously stated that he and co-star DC Studios Peter Safran have a list “ready to go,” Promising that the first announcements will come at the beginning of 2023:

“Peter and I have our DC slate ready to go, which we couldn’t be more than over the moon with; we’ll be able to share some exciting information about our first projects early in the new year.”

The only project confirmed for the reboot slate so far has been a Superman movie that Jon will write and will focus on a younger Clark Kent working as a cub reporter in Metropolis as he crosses paths with main characters like Lois Lane.

Henry Cavill won’t be returning for the flick as the younger actor will take on a lead role, as reports suggest that the rest of DC’s Justice League may also be recast under Gunn and Safran.

DCU reboot projects James Gunn may reveal next month

James Gunn’s confirmation that the first projects on his DCU slate will be revealed next month seems to indicate that his pitch to Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) was a success and was giving the go-ahead to move its plan forward into the superhero tale era.

Although the director’s wording that he will reveal “few” Next month’s projects indicate that this won’t be an expanded announcement, just those that will move forward in the near future. It could be planned for a release as soon as 2024, at which point all the old system films would be out.

With Gunn and Safran having only been helming DC Studios for less than two months, any casting for these projects seems unlikely. But fans may get a better understanding of whether this is a hard or soft reboot of the franchise, as some actors are currently expected to keep their roles while others are recast.

This new era of the DCU has already been confirmed to expand into movies, series, animation, and video games, though the first projects revealed will likely come from the theatrical side. Gunn can detail those other areas later in 2023 at San Diego Comic-Con in his first Kevin Feige-esque presentation.

Gunn has yet to confirm what form this announcement will take — as to whether the news will come from a live presentation, tweets from the CEO himself, or an article from a trade publication that often reports headlines. Although that should be revealed early on as WBD looks to build hype for its new DC roster.

The reveal will likely include more details about Gunn’s Superman reboot including a title and release date, though any news is unlikely to be forthcoming. Meanwhile, Gunn has already been teasing characters like Green Lantern, Mr. Terrific, Jonah Hex, and Deadman, any of which may have projects in the pipeline.

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