Cassian’s line about Jedha finally makes sense after Andor Finale

Cassian Andor is fleshed out more in Andor, before Rogue One, with the show providing context for a specific Rogue One plotline around Jedha.

warning! This article contains spoilers for the season 1 finale of Andor.Andor It provides much more context for his titular character’s backstory than his first appearance in Rogue One allowed, including the embodiment of one specific line uttered by Cassian about Jedha in Rogue One. In the film, the first act culminates in a visit to Jedha who is under strict imperial repression as is most of the galaxy. One line from Cassian regarding the city becomes more plausible given the events of Andor Season 1 finale.

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The line in question is “We have to hurry up. This city is about to explode,” Which Cassian tells Jane. This is in reference to Jedha herself, indicating that the town has reached a boiling point and is about to rebel against the imperial occupation. In the season 1 finale of Andor (episode 12), the same is shown to Ferrix, as the people of Cassian’s hometown finally have had enough of the Empire and rebel against them. Cassian’s experiences in Virex and around the world Andor Season 1 gave him the knowledge of how far the Empire could push people before people started to decline, something he identified with Jedha all those later years.

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How to say Ferrix in Andor Parallies in Rogue One

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This also highlights how similar Jedha and Ferrix are. Both are rendered very similar even in terms of appearance, with muted colors and more rugged and gritty takes star Wars planets. However, in terms of imperial presence, the two are arguably more alike. Ferix was largely free from imperial oppression at the start Andor Episode 1, and it was Andor’s encounter with Luthen and the small-scale rebellion against Cyril Karn that brought large-scale Imperial operations. Jedha is the same, with the actions of renegade rebels like Saw Gerrera and Bodhi Rook bringing even harsher imperial control.

Both planets witnessed an uprising in the end. With Ferix, it was the people Cassian grew up with who rejected the Empire, thanks to Marfa’s posthumous words. While this is a little different from Jedha, where Jedha’s uprising came from an organized rebel cell in Saw’s Partisans, the foundation is still the same. The people of Ferix and Jida have had enough, and they retreat from the oppression they faced.

Andor makes Cassian Roeg’s story an even better one

Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso in Rogue One.

All this just shows how far Andor Cassian’s character is enriched by what he saw in Rogue One. When Andor A lot has been announced star Wars Fans felt it was superfluous due to Andor’s death at the end Rogue One. but, Andor He proved people widely wrong, with his brilliant writing, exceptional production value, terrific performances, and the way he only gets better at what was already great in Rogue One. Seeing how Cassian’s experiences changed him into a complete rebel only makes Rogue One More feasible, and prove it Andor It is just one of the best Disney movies star Wars Better cinematic attempts in the past.

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