YouTube’s MrBeast brings his epic stunts to the downtown Raleigh skyline in a new video

From crushing a Lamborghini with a hydraulic press to sending a fake meteor through a model home, YouTube personality MrBeast’s latest video includes several impressive and viral stunts around which he’s built his brand.

But die-hard Triangle viewers may be more interested in another stunt in Saturday’s video, which — while less controversial compared to the others in the video — puts downtown Raleigh on full display.

The stunt, which starts around the seven-minute mark of the roughly 10-minute video, shows a man identified only as Dave, a “professional Spider-Man stunt double,” climbing the 30-story Wells Fargo Capital Center on Fayetteville Avenue — tied with a rope. And he wears what the official Mr. Beast calls his, “working Spider-Man suit,” of course.

Although it’s unclear when the stunt was filmed, the Wells Fargo building has been used for climbing events, including the annual “Over the Edge” fundraiser hosted by North Carolina State Special Olympics. The group’s last event occurred on December 3.

The game is about two minutes into the video, switching between views of Dave the climber and MrBeast and friends watching from inside the building and on the roof. Downtown Raleigh landmarks, including the State Capitol and the rotunda Holiday Inn, are visible from above at various points.

About halfway through Dave’s climb, the weather turns rainy, causing some concern that the suction features of the Spider-Man suit might stop working due to the slick conditions in the building. Even though MrBeast offers Dave to get off the building and forgo the rest of the climb, Dave keeps going.

“I’ve been the real Spider-Man many times,” Dave said as he climbed the tower, “and I don’t give up.”

In the end, Dave’s determination and spider-like skills pay off, as Mr. Beast meets him at the summit and offers him $10,000 from a silver bag to complete the 400-foot climb.

“You deserve this,” MrBeast tells Dave, before the video cuts to the final stunt.

MrBeast is the world’s most popular YouTuber, with ties to NC

MrBeast, 24 and whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is the most popular YouTube personality globally, claiming the title in November when he passed 112 million subscribers — the most of any single user on the platform. As of Sunday, he has at least 117 million subscribers.

While he’s known for his stunts like the one in Saturday’s video, he’s also known for his philanthropic – and extravagant – deeds, often donating large sums of money or valuables, like iPhones, to strangers.

While the scenes of Raleigh soaring in the latest MrBeast video may be an intriguing sight for domestic viewers, the choice to shoot here probably won’t come as a huge surprise to those familiar with the YouTuber’s background.

Mr Best and Cam Newton rally

Hailing from Greenville, Donaldson built his successful YouTube empire in the North Carolina city, performing stunts and shooting videos there and elsewhere around the state.

In 2018, he ordered two waters at popular Greenville restaurant Sup Dogs, then left a $10,000 cash tip. In 2019, he filmed a video with former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton at the Charlotte American Bank Stadium. In 2020, he made a video of himself building a scale model of Raleigh – which he describes as his “hometown” – in the Minecraft video game.

And last month, Donaldson and East Carolina University at Greenville announced that they were creating an “exclusive partnership aimed at developing a certification program to help meet the creative industry’s growing demand for a pipeline of a skilled workforce.”

The online accreditation program, which is expected to launch within the next year, will not require students to be registered as traditional students for four years at the university. Students will gain skills in “camera work, editing, analytics and other in-demand creator industry skills.”

“This program will not focus on finding the next YouTube star, but instead will provide training and certification to employees who work for creative companies that produce content,” the ECU announcement said of the program.

Part of Donaldson’s hope for the program, he is said the ECU consultant Philip Rogers, is fostering a creative workforce in his backyard.

“I’m biased because he’s right on my side,” Donaldson said in a video announcing the show. “When they graduate, they can take 10 steps down the road and come get a job.”

Software updates will be available at Until then, MrBeast fans can follow more North Carolina notables at

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