New Peacock Series Paul T. Goldman looks weird as hell

Peacock rings in the new year with the debut of a quirky new series made by… The next Borat movie Director Jason Woolner, and based on the trailer alone, appears to be a genre-bending, reality-bending ride that, frankly, is weird as hell. titled Paul T. The six-episode series considers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to be executive producers and… hmmm, how can that be explained? It’s just a typical TV series trailer showing scenes and behind-the-scenes scenes from a movie based on a screenplay based on a book based on the life of a man who tweeted at Woliner in 2012 and sparked a ten-year passion project that included the production of said movie as well as crime-style interview footage. Real and documentaries. typical stuff. Here’s Wollner’s note on the show:

In 2012, a guy named Paul T. Goldman tweeted to me.

He said he has an incredible story to tell and has written a book – and screenplay – about it. He asked for my help to bring it to the screen. When I clicked on his Twitter, I saw that he had tweeted the exact same thing to hundreds of other people. I clicked on his website and watched a video he shot of himself: It was a middle-aged, nebbish man giving a monologue about how he was the victim of a horrific betrayal that transformed him “from a weakling into a warrior” and put him on a mission to bring down a (alleged) international crime syndicate. I bought the book right away.

It instantly became my favorite book I’ve ever read. The story is equal parts fascinating, hilarious, shocking, and often strangely poignant. It has an endless number of strange turns, and Paul himself is the most captivating person I’ve ever encountered. Reminded me of my favorite documentary subjects: Mark Borchardt from American movieFrom Timothy Treadwell grizzly man Or the kind of people that appear in Errol Morris movies like tabloid And the death mr. They’re amazing, quirky, sentimental, a little “off”; Individuals with a strong sense of purpose but perhaps an atypical form of self-awareness. After a few months of quiet observation, I answered Paul and told him I was in.

The series that resulted — the culmination of more than a decade of shooting — ended up becoming the most ambitious and conceptually personal project I had ever worked on. It’s a demo in many ways and I’m still in grateful disbelief that Peacock let me do it. Format that combines familiar doc elements with dramatic scenes Paul wrote about his story – Championship Paul plays himself – and weaving that With behind-the-scenes footage from the making of this show (don’t worry, it will make sense when you watch it, I promise) it was basically my way of catching the camera inside The brain of this very unique person. At times Paul comes across as sympathetic and at other times frustrating – and it will be really exciting to watch the social media response and conversations this creates as the audience debates where they stand on him and his story.

I’ve always been drawn to projects that are fun, surprisingly animated, innovative in form and using real people to tell stories in innovative ways. from my work Nathan for you To the two years you spent directing Sacha Baron Cohen The next Borat movie, I can’t deny that I love being there for uncomfortable and wonderful moments and knowing how to capture them on camera. This is a project that never stops evolving and revealing new wrinkles, and after working on it for over ten years, my enthusiasm for it continues to grow. I can’t wait to bring you the rest of the world and I sincerely hope you enjoy this very unique series.

So why did Weiner devote ten years of his life to this one man? “Ah, this is something I’ve been trying to figure out for so many years… I became obsessed with him and his story and couldn’t let go,” he says. He adds with a laugh, “Even though the world had told me for years that it wouldn’t happen, I, for whatever reason, just couldn’t let it go.” “It’s kind of this passionate project that I’m going to tell people about and I won’t be able to shut up, and I kept pressing for ten years until finally, through some vexation and willpower and Paul Goldman-style tenacity, I figured out how to finish it, basically.”

The series is set to debut on Peacock on January 1 with three episodes, followed by new episodes each week. (Woolener is still working on the ending, which he says is “the hardest thing I’ve ever had to edit.”) Aside from Paul Wollener, the series has a slate of supporting cast including Melinda McGraw, Christopher Stanley, Dennis Haysbert, Josh Paice, Rosanna Arquette, and Frank Grillo.

Wollner says he hopes people will check it out with an open mind — and ideally without as much information in advance as possible. “I’d like people to experience it the same way I did, which is kind of like going blind and taking this ride with Paul and this story. There’s no wrong response to this, really, so I’m very interested to see how people respond.” As for Paul himself, Wollener says he’s ready to cast it and already has his own take on how to name the show. Paul told me yesterday that he calls it a docudrama, which I thought, Yeah, that… that’s pretty good.

Try to spot the show for yourself when it premieres on Peacock on New Year’s Day.

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