Rumour: A Harry Potter reboot is on the way with a new cast

Fans had a hard time figuring out which direction it was going Harry Potter The franchise will take over after the latest Fantastic Beasts Movie. Now, according to a new report, it looks like a future Harry Potter The movie franchise is nothing more than a reboot.

The news comes via WDW Pro scooper who first shared details about the alleged reboot plans on Twitter. And he didn’t just say that Warner Bros Discovery wants a reboot Harry Potter franchise, but it will include paraphrasing Also.

Here’s what he had to say before sharing additional details:

WBD is said to be looking forward to a reboot Harry Potter movie franchise, including rework, in the next 3-5 years.”

As for additional details, it was shared by the Valliant Renegade YouTube channel. They spoke at greater length about WBD’s plans for Harry Potter cosmos, otherwise called “Magicians Division. “

“It now seems very likely that Harry Potter The universe, which I believe is internally called The Wizarding Division, is receiving a reboot in the future in terms of the movies.”

This may also include recasting some of the roles that have become iconic within Harry Potter Universe with the main cast and characters.

Fans might think this means another spin-off series that looks a lot like it Fantastic Beasts. However, this is not the case. They specifically mean a new interpretation of the original story:

“We don’t talk about it fantasy monsters. We are not talking about some of these supplements Harry Potter Things. We’re talking about what is referred to within the industry as core Harry Potter. “

At this point, they explained what “paraphrasing” About Me. As it turns out, this refers to a new cast of classic characters associated with the franchise.

“You’re looking at the original cast: Harry, Hermione, Ron. New cast. Starting over.”

However, it was also noted that the project is still in very early stages of development. As such, the reboot may not be as rigorous as expected.

“The way they reboot this franchise doesn’t have to be your standard reboot, where we go back to a character’s origin that we’ve already been on an adventure with. There are so many different ways they can do that, and we’re not here to tell you that we know what’s even there. right Now.

“They’re nowhere near, I think, being at that point,” he continued, “Actually, according to the source, they don’t have some sort of James Gunn in charge of this yet. That’s part of what they’re aiming for.”

In any case, fans may be wondering why Warner Bros. Discovery would consider a reboot Harry Potter in the first place. Especially when the original films have become a respected piece of popular culture. As it turns out, they simply want to revitalize the brand for a younger audience.

“They feel that the original Harry Potter fandom is kind of aging and they want to revitalize or refresh that, or make something new to attract new audiences to theaters.”


“From the point of view of the OG stuff, the core Harry Potter stuff, I mean it’s a dormant franchise, which is why we’ve been told privately that they’re looking to restart this thing in the next three to five years.

“As all the other things within this Potter universe, within this Wizards division of Warner Bros. discovery, it doesn’t take off the way they need to in order to keep the franchise going,” he explained. “And they’ve invested so much in the franchise that it’s dormant or secondary. They want it to be a very strong evergreen property. And by that we mean that it sells all the time, that it’s always top of mind for consumers.”

Finally, they added:

And because they haven’t been able to get the other stuff, these spinoffs off the ground and gain that momentum that they had with the originals, the thinking they have is that it’s time for Hollywood to get over this fear of recasting and so they’re ready to do that.

It looks as if fans will have several years to see how this potential plays out Harry Potter Reboot development. But with the perceived failure of Fantastic Beasts Franchise, this isn’t entirely unbelievable news. the original Harry Potter Story has always been a big moneymaker for Warner Bros. Now it looks like they might want to revisit the well outright.

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