6 amazing new things iPhone can do with this iOS update

Apple is once again outdoing itself with the latest iOS16.2 update for iPhones. Not only are new iOS downloads important for security fixes, but they’re also packed with sometimes amazing new features to make your iPhone come alive in new ways.

They already added a lot of features with the previous iOS16.1 update, including iCloud Shared Photo Library and Apple Fitness+ support. I’m going through all the new stuff to share the highlights of the iOS 16.2 update that can make your life better.

Among the multiple unique new tricks, I’m excited about them below on iPhone.

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1. Apple Music Sing

An advertisement for Apple Music Sing.
(credit: Apple)

Perhaps one of the most exciting new tools in the iOS 16.2 update is Apple Music Sing. This is a karaoke feature that will be available to Apple Music listeners. It allows you to sing along to millions of songs on the Apple Music streaming platform by giving you the option to lower the lead vocals volume and control as the lead singer.

Music Sing is compatible with any iPhone 11 or later, select iPads, and the latest Apple TV 4K.

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2. Advanced data protection

Advanced Data Protection is an optional feature that comes with the update, and will allow users to do so Extend end-to-end encryption to different iCloud data categories including iMessage, notes and photos.

This will greatly increase the security of cloud data and will give users an opportunity to protect the vast majority of their data, allowing people to worry less about their information being stolen or published without their permission.

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iPhone screenshot with advanced data protection.

iPhone screenshot with advanced data protection.
(Fox News)

3. Free application

Apple’s EMERGENCY SOS over satellite feature is now available. Here’s how it works.

Image of the Freeform app logo.

Image of the Freeform app logo.
(an Apple)

Another fun feature will be available in the digital whiteboard app called Freeform. The app allows you to draw or insert sticky notes to yourself on an infinite canvas. The app lets you share a board with up to 100 people, who can make their own additions and comments.

All collaborators must use an Apple device to access the creation. You can also place text boxes, shapes, images, videos, links, PDFs, and more. The app will also be available for iPad and Mac in case users want to make more space out of the smaller iPhone screens.

4. Lock screen widgets

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Screenshot of the iPhone lock screen widgets.

Screenshot of the iPhone lock screen widgets.
(Fox News)

Two new lock screen widgets will be available with the iOS 16.2 update. one would be for Sleep application and the other for Health app. The Sleep app’s widget will let you view all your recent sleep schedules and stages, while the Health app will give you a quick look at your medication schedule when needed.

These tools will allow people to take better control of their physical health and track their habits. Learn how to customize your lock screen widgets by heading to CyberGuy.com and searching for “lock screen”.

5. Always on display

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Screenshot of instructions on how to choose

Screenshot of instructions on how to select Always On Display.
(an Apple)

This feature will only be available on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, but it will allow you to hide the background and notifications when Always On Display mode is on.

When you want even more privacy, Always on Display mode will turn your lock screens solid black so no one can see what’s popping up on your screen. You can also tweak this a bit by toggling the options for Show background or Show notifications as well.

6. Set up AirDrop

Apple’s alternative to password

Screenshot of how to take down the air on the iPhone.

Screenshot of how to take down the air on the iPhone.
(an Apple)

AirDrop is a very convenient feature when you want to quickly send or receive photos and videos. Watch out, because it could be bad news if these photos and videos reach the wrong person.

This is why iOS16.2 is Restrict the previous Everyone setting in AirDrop. The option will now only be more protected.”Everyone for 10 minutesRather so that unwanted content from strangers can be restricted.

Once the 10 minutes are up, people can just AirDrop the photos and videos to their contacts.


When did the iOS 16.2 update drop?

Apple dropped the latest update on Tuesday, December 13th. iPhone users should have received a notification within the Settings app as soon as an update is available to install, or you can go to the Settings app Settings > Software update Download and install manually.

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