Exclusive: Here’s Google’s full 2023-2025 roadmap for Pixel phones

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Google Pixel smartphones have seen a huge boost over the past year. First, the Pixel 6 series brought a boost in critical and commercial success, something the company desperately needed after the relative commercial failures of the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4. Then, the Pixel 7 series saw even more critical acclaim, and what we can tell, a continuation of its success. Pixel 6 line sales.

The question now is what can we expect from Google in 2023 and beyond? Thanks to an anonymous but trustworthy source, Android Authority It could exclusively reveal the major shifts that Google will make with the Pixel series in 2023, 2024 and 2025.

Although we have thoroughly vetted this information, please note that this roadmap is not static. Our source said some aspects of the plan are specific, but others are pending. We’ll likely acknowledge all the details as we guide you through the Google Pixel roadmap.

Google Pixel series in 2023

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Next year will see some minor changes in the Pixel lineup. Our source confirmed that two Pixel devices — codenamed “lynx” and “felix” — will be launched around Google I/O in April or May. These two phones have already been leaked, with “lynx” referring to the Pixel 7a and “felix” referring to the Pixel Fold (which has also been referred to as a Pixel Notepad, although it’s likely marketed as a Pixel Fold).

Our source confirmed that Google will keep the same pricing as the Pixel 7a, which means a US retail price of $449 to match the Pixel 6a. Previous leaks mentioned that the 7a will feature several upgrades over its predecessor, including wireless charging and a 90Hz refresh rate. However, our source has not confirmed these features.

Google’s big news in 2023 will be the launch of its first foldable Pixel.

Later in 2023, Google will launch two new phones in its flagship series: Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Our source confirmed that there won’t be a lot of significant changes for these phones compared to the Pixel 7 series. However, one notable change is the shrinkage of the Pixel 8 (codenamed “shiba”), meaning it will have a smaller screen and smaller form factor overall. However, the “husky” – also known as the Pixel 8 Pro – will have the same screen and general dimensions as the Pixel 7 Pro.

Finally, the codename for the silicon debut with the Pixel 8 series is “zuma”. Google will almost certainly market this as the Tensor G3.

Pixel Series in 2024: More Professional, Less A-Level?

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Aside from the launch of the Pixel Fold and a previous launch of the Pixel 7a, 2023 doesn’t look much different from this year. 2024, though, will see some significant changes to the Google Pixel roadmap.

Google Pixel 8a

First, there’s the plan for the Pixel 8a, codenamed “Akita”. However, the plan could be canceled based on Pixel 7a sales. Our source says that Google is considering moving away from annual launches of A-series phones and instead going for launches every two years (every two years). This will bring the A series more in line with Apple’s iPhone SE series, which sees a launch every few years and stays active on store shelves all the time.

Depending on the commercial success of the Pixel 7a (or not), Google could move on to launching the A-series.

Of course, if the company moves away from an annual launch, we think the phone’s name could (and should) be changed. However, our source did not mention the name change and only used code names.

If the Pixel 8a — or whatever it’s called — launches, it will increase its price to $499. However, the fate of this phone still depends entirely on the performance of the Pixel 7a in the market.

Pixel 9 series

In the fall of 2024, Google will launch the Pixel 9 series. However, this series will contain, for the first time, three devices according to our source.

The first would be the vanilla Google Pixel 9, which will likely be the same overall size and shape as the Pixel 8 (remember, it’s slightly smaller than the Pixel 7). There will also be the expected Pixel 9 Pro – codenamed “komodo” – with a screen size of 6.7 inches. After that, there will be a second Pro-level model codenamed “caiman”. This phone will have all the Pro-level features of the 6.7-inch model, but narrows it down to a 6.3-inch design.

The Pixel 9 series could have a third phone: a smaller Pro-level model.

Our source likens this strategy to Apple’s launch of iPhones. The Pixel 9 will be like the iPhone 14, while the 6.3-inch “caiman” will be closer to the iPhone 14 Pro. The 6.7-inch “komodo” will be more in line with the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

When we queried how likely that might be, our source emphatically stated that it definitely is. Google wants to emulate Apple’s successful size strategy, which means it needs a Pro-level phone that isn’t the Pixel 7 Pro’s size. Pricing, naming, and availability are all up in the air, but the goal of three phones is firm.

All three of these phones should see the debut of the Tensor G4, which we’ve learned is codenamed “redondo”.

collapsible in the future

Finally, there is a plan to continue folding in 2024. However, not much is known about this at the moment. Google will likely have to wait to see first-time consumer response to the foldable — aka “felix” — before getting more specific about its follow-up plans.

Pixel Series in 2025: Two Possible Strategies

Google Pixel 7 Pro Lemongrass phone appeared

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Heading into 2025, our source says Google is looking at several options for its Pixel roadmap, which will be heavily influenced by the success or failure of the 2023 and 2024 plans.

First, Google is toying with the idea of ​​having a heart-shaped foldable phone to compete with the Galaxy Z Flip series. If it goes this route, a launch of the flagship Pixel series in fall 2025 will include a foldable foldable model, a vanilla non-foldable model (we assume it will be the base Pixel 10), and then two Pro-level iterations with one smaller and one larger.

Google is considering a possible clamshell fold for 2025, but it has an alternative strategy in place as well.

However, if Google abandons the foldable-style device, it will move forward with four non-foldable phones. This would be a vanilla mockup in small and large sizes and a professional mockup in small and large sizes. Again, this would align directly with Apple’s current strategy for iPhones.

Finally, the fate of any successor to the Pixel Fold in 2025 still depends on its reception to the market in 2023.

Google Pixel roadmap leak: Our thoughts

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The information we received from this source makes a lot of sense to us. Pretty much every company is chasing Apple’s non-foldable smartphone success and strategy and Samsung’s foldable smartphone success. Finding out that Google is using both companies as templates for its future products isn’t surprising at all.

However, the question we have is whether or not Google will be late to the party. Launching the Pixel Fold in 2022 is a good move since there isn’t any international competition in the foldable segment, but the first shot at a Flip phone that didn’t land until 2024 seems like a pretty slow pace. Remember, Samsung sells more Galaxy Z Flip phones than Galaxy Z Fold at a ratio of 3:1. Google should be chasing after the fickle market sooner rather than later.

Likewise, Google’s attempt to match Apple’s approach of having more palm-friendly pro phones is supposed to happen in 2023, not 2024. By then, Apple’s strategy may have changed. After all, the iPhone “Mini” series didn’t have much success, and it looks like the iPhone 14 Plus will see a similar fate. If Google wants to go after Apple, it has to be faster than that.

Regardless, we’re very excited about this news. The more compact Pixel 9 Pro sounds perfect to us, and the Pixel Fold looks like it would be great. Moving Series A to a biennial schedule also makes a lot of sense.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see how the final Google Pixel roadmap fares in comparison to the information we have.

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