The Google Store drastically reduces the trade-in value of Pixel phones to no more than $205

After many promotions since the launch of the Google Pixel 7 series over the past couple of months, the Google Store has just popped up radically Lowered the trade-in value on your old phone, especially if it’s a Pixel.

Since the launch of the Pixel 7 in October, Google has offered enhanced swap values ​​in its store for various devices. This included high values ​​for devices such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, many Samsung devices, and also older Google Pixel phones. Recently, the combination of the discount on the Pixel 7 and the value boost on the Pixel 6 resulted in an upgrade that cost just $20.

But now, the Google Store has decimated the exchange values ​​of most devices, especially the older Pixel phones.

The easiest example to point to is the Pixel 6 series — where once the Pixel 6 was worth around $480 in trade-in, it’s now worth just $150. The Pixel 6 Pro is also down to $190 from about $550. It’s a steep drop, to say the least. Other older Pixel phones also dropped by similar amounts. Below, you can see the current trade-off value for what Google was offering in October. However, keep in mind that these values ​​have changed quite a bit over the past two months, so the rates from October may not be in place over the past few weeks.

Trade values ​​in the google store The value is 12/12 The value is 10/7
Pixel 6 Pro $190 $480
Pixel 6 $150 $440
Pixel 5 105 bucks $400
Pixel 5a phone $100 dollars $350
Pixel 4 $74 $294
Pixel 4 XL $90 305 bucks
Pixel 4a phone $71 $300
Pixel 4a 5G $63 $325
Pixel 3 $37 $247
Pixel 3 XL $49 $271
Pixel 3a phone $37 $150
Pixel 3a XL $37 $150
Pixel 2 $25.01 $100 dollars
Pixel 2 XL $25.01 $95
pixels $25.01 $100 dollars
Pixel XL $25.01 $100 dollars

The absolute highest trade-in value you can currently get for a Pixel phone on the Google Store is just $205 for the 512GB Pixel 6 Pro. Yikes.

Moreover, Google has also reduced the exchange value of many other devices. We’ve tracked some of the changes below based on the values ​​we’ve tracked over the past few weeks.

Trade values ​​in the google store The value is 12/12 previous trade value
Galaxy S22 Ultra $285 $775
Galaxy S21 $366 $489
iPhone 12 $266 510 bucks
iPhone 12 Mini (128 GB) 204 USD $460
iPhone 13 $550 $600
Galaxy S20 $122 $400
Galaxy S10 $85 $296

Google will certainly boost additional commerce in its store once in a while as some promotions pop up, but in the meantime, it sure is a shame to see those values ​​so low, especially with the holidays fast approaching. On the bright side, Google has brought back Pixel 7 discounts.

Notably, Google still prominently advertises that you can get the Pixel 7 “for free with a qualifying trade-in.” That’s still true with some iPhone and Samsung Galaxy trade-ins, but it’s clearly very difficult to hit the $499 minimum that gives users a free Pixel 7.

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