The Glory season 1 ending explained – Why does Dong-eun seek revenge?

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This article contains spoilers for The Glory Season 1 Episode 8 and is an open discussion of the finale for The Glory Part 1.

Part 1 of Netflix Korean drama glory It is a straightforward story about revenge. It revolves around Moon Dong-eun, a woman in her mid-30s who, as a child, was relentlessly bullied by the privileged children of parents from influential backgrounds that the authorities could not — and in many cases could not — touch. After trying to file complaints with the police and the college, dong yeon She realizes that any kind of revenge must be of her own design, and after a while wishing herself death, she decides to achieve that revenge, dedicating her life to making her tormentors pay for what they have done.

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The main subject of Dong-eun’s anger is Park Yoon Jin, a sadistic young woman who knew that because of her influential family, her actions would never be formally punished. She clearly enjoyed torturing her victims. But while her destruction is the ultimate goal, Dong-eun targets the entire gang for their complicity, and even the breeder who allowed the torment to happen.

Amidst this is, basically, the love story between Dong-eun and Yoo Jeong, a trainee doctor who meets Dong-eun by accident–or fate? – and teach her how to play Go, which serves as a visual and thematic metaphor throughout. Dong-eun becomes a teacher, and over two decades gathers the right amount of evidence and an elaborate plan to destroy whoever made her childhood miserable.

Presently, Yeon-jin is a wife and mother, and a semi-famous weather reporter, though her career has been shielded by her wealthy and influential husband. Dong-eun moves into an apartment next door to her house and starts rummaging through the trash of her home for important documents. In this way, she revealed the last will of Yoon Jin’s father-in-law’s will, Kim Shin Taewho bequeathed his large estate not only to his son, Soo Hyunbut also his secret sweetheart, Shin TaePresident Semyung Elementary School Where, through blackmail, Dong-eun manages to get a job as a teacher for Yeon-jin’s daughter, Ha Yi Sol.

Dong-eun is also manipulating Myung Oh, the director of the group at school and even in adulthood, to help her. Her plans were very elaborate in many respects. Lee sa raa drug addict, was easily manipulated with narcotic substances. Jay Johnto whom Myung-oh was particularly submissive, could be damaged by his past. Hye Jeongwho was hardly part of the group anyway and would have been their victim if not for Dong Eun, kept all her secrets on the phone pretending to live a lavish lifestyle.

Dong-eun also enlists help Kang Hyun NamYoon Jin’s house assistant, in exchange for her help with her abusive husband. With her team assembled, Dong Eun continued to collect evidence against her enemies, including evidence that Yi Seul wasn’t. Do YoungDaughter, but Jae-joon. Since Yoon Jin’s husband is integral to her success and lifestyle, destroying her marriage is an obvious way to bring her down.

Explanation of the end of the first part of glory

It turns out that Jae-joon was up to it, and he was also having a secret affair with Hye-jeong, which Dong-eun also uncovered evidence. Meanwhile, she uses her knowledge of Go to seduce Do-yeong, so that she can be seen with him in public. In Yeo-jeong, also a man desperate for revenge after his father was murdered by a serial killer patient, she finds a willing executioner.

Stakes are increasing about the death of another victim of the gang. if it is, whose parents never dropped the case. Yeon-jin is willing to kill to keep this a secret, and it appears – with a pair of green heels acting as a visual clue – that she kills Myeong-oh in order to do so, using her connections and privilege to cover up the murder and force his family to finally drop the case. But Do-yeong, after receiving pictures of him and Dong-eun as a threat, begins to wrap his way around himself and discovers clues to his wife’s relationship with Jae-joon, Ye-sol’s paternity, and Dong-eun’s connection as her mentor. This eventually leads to him coming face to face with Dong-eun, who is relying heavily on him to enact the next phase of her plan. Exactly what form it would take remains unknown, but it would definitely involve completely destroying Yoon Jin.

You can stream The Glory Season 1 Episode 8 exclusively on Netflix. What do you think of the end of the first part of The Glory? Let us know in the comments.

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