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It’s time to say Until we meet again To our favorite vacationers because Sunday marks the final episode of white lotus the second season. Year two of Mike White’s anthology series lives up to the distinction of the first, introducing a new round of convincingly flawed characters, barbershop writing, and Jennifer Coolidge’s sighs. And of course, there was a murder afoot, hinted at in the premiere and fully revealed in last night’s finale as — spoiler alert — our sweetheart Tanya finally unraveled, expelling the “gays trying to kill me” before falling overboard to her watery grave.

If you’ve watched the show all season, you’re probably ready to have a hotel-sized hole in your heart until Season 3 comes out (hopefully) next year. But while we may have to go a long time without more of White’s delightfully disturbing creativity on our screens, other pieces of white lotus-Pop culture esque is here to be consumed instantly. We’re talking absorbing dramas of the problems of the rich, tackling slow burn mysteries, and hilarious comedies featuring stars like Coolidge and F. Murray Abraham. Here are 13 movies and shows to check out now that the credits are rolling lotus the second season.

white lotus It is a satirical drama about a group of wealthy people in a secluded resort. Sadness triangle It is a satirical drama about a group of rich people on a secluded boat. Although the film, directed by Robin Ostlund, received mixed reviews upon its October release, few can deny the thematic and visual similarities to the HBO drama, especially the “eat rich” mentality and gorgeous setting.

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HBO sure loves its series about dysfunctional rich people! despite Succession Following a family rather than a group of vacationing strangers, there’s still plenty of overlap, particularly in the bittersweet dialogue, overspending, and generational tensions. Bert and Dominic’s arguments about lotus About navigating trauma and how to deal with women, in particular, will be a real voice for anyone who’s seen Logan and Kendall follow through. Succession.

Want something a little lighter? Choose the 2000 fantasy film by Christopher Guest Best in Show, which features none other than Jennifer Coolidge. The highly entertaining film depicts the actress as a trophy wife who gets her dog into a prestigious dog show and finds love with her dog handler (Jane Lynch). Along with the all-stars (Eugene Levy, Kathryn O’Hara, Parker Posey, etc.), Coolidge steals the show. The movie that came after-American pie but before –Legally blondehelped establish Coolidge as a true comic force.

Rian Johnson’s 2019 movie and its 2022 sequel are weirder and weirder than that white lotusHowever, they do share some notable similarities, such as exotic locations, high-level combos, and slow killing puzzles. Consider the movies lotus Lite and have fun trying to discover their secrets before the characters do.

“Glass Onion” will stream on Netflix December 23rd.

Even if it was Salma Hayek – a dramatic heroine Beatrice at dinner Not written by Mike White, it would be a perfect follow-up to lotus Because of her love of putting her characters — and viewers — into uncomfortable conversations about race, class, and privilege. Plus lotus sEzone one (and possibly season three) vet Connie Britton co-stars.

As much as you might try to hate lotusBert de Grasso, the man who denies his own adventures and believes every woman wants to be called his “sweetheart,” is impossible—he’s absolutely charming, and that’s thanks in no small part to F. Murray Abraham’s performance. If you’re not familiar with the star’s work, check out his Oscar-winning role in 1984 Amadeus. You’ll quickly see that Abraham’s entire talent pool goes way beyond “grandpa that’s about to be scrapped.”

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No, White Lotus isn’t the only fantasy resort that has a few mysteries up its sleeve. Honorary resort in resortthe black comedy Peacock which premiered in July, also offers plenty of intrigue for its guests, especially married couple William Jackson Harper (The good place) and Christine Milioti (Palm Springs). With its non-stop twists and turns, the series is much more plot-driven than lotus But just entertainment.

If you only knew Mike White already-lotus Like “that guy from The amazing raceor “This guy from.” rock schoolYou will have a real experience. From 2011 to 2013 he wrote, produced and led enlightened, a drama starring Laura Dern as a corporate executive trying to rebuild her life after a nervous breakdown. She won joys during her very short tenure for her complex hero, who, like many lotus characters, struggling with their own personal demons.

while young lotus Season two is more diverse than it was in season one (looking at you, Sydney “I’m Judging You” Sweeney), they still have their fair share of problems, especially when it comes to money. I advise: Bodies Bodies Bodiesan excellent August horror-comedy, features a group of privileged twenty-somethings (and one European outsider) who can’t resist whipping up drama every chance they get – with devastating consequences.

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Speaking of attractive young men with a lot of time and money on their hands, there are also elite, a massively popular Netflix Spanish-language drama set in a high school where the students’ wealth (or lack thereof) makes all the difference. It has all the mayhem of a typical teen show (sex, drugs, accidental killing), but the clever and nuanced screenplay helps it stand above the rest.

Look, you may have already seen it The Godfather Part Two. But if you haven’t, or it’s been a decade or two since you last watched, give it an hour – think of it as the Sicilian origin story that the di Grasso family is so desperately seeking. Plus it’s a father-son-at-heart story with two men balancing busy lives of business, crime, and painful family expectations.

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Troubled strangers gather at a beautiful resort to unwind only to encounter disturbing events and some seriously screwing up the staff. Sound familiar? this Nine perfect strangers For You, the 2018 miniseries from David E. Kelley based on Liane Moriarty’s bestselling book. Come for the plot, stay for the Nicole Kidman scrambled Russian accent.

Because if Portia’s incredibly messy outfit choices don’t instantly spark images of iconic Disney Channel character Hilary Duff and make you want to rewatch the series, you’re lying to yourself.

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