Vishal: You are being judged by the previous Friday; Laththi Actor Talks About Audience Expectations And Injuries- EXCLUSIVE

Claiming action hero status with films like Veeramae Vaagai Soodum, Enemy and more, Tamil actor Vishal is all set for his next film, Laththi, which will be released on December 22. The big screen, this time around, has left no stone unturned to get under the character’s skin as a police constable in Laththi.

“I did two movies involved, injuries, energy, everything in one. It took me 143 days to finish the movie so I look forward to the box office results because even after 5 years if I could see the movie on TV I would be proud of it, usually nobody plays A cop role but likes to play a higher official role, showing the life of a new cop, it’s the opposite of body language which I’ve never experienced before.”I always give orders, this is the first time I take orders,” Vishal said in an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla. It’s a movie dedicated to every cop in the country.”

“109 stitches and a run…”

He dares to take on a variety of roles and makes sure to live in character completely while shooting for the movie. Due to this, Vishal suffered severe injuries and a hairline fracture while shooting for a stunt sequence. He was hospitalized in Kerala for 3 weeks after that.

“I jumped from the 4th floor and was hospitalized in Kerala for 3 weeks after that. The last 45 minutes of the movie takes place in one place in an unfinished building. There is a certain scene where I had to jump from one floor to another, and when I had to do that, my hand hurt a human being.” On nails and this became a regular thing. The makeup guys didn’t know which was the original blood and which was the fake when they had to clean up. After one point I became immune to the pain. I like to do my own stunts on my own without doubling my body, 109 stitches and running,” says Vishal.

Laththi Trailer

After closing, you have to surprise the audience and give something new on a plate or else they will have the option to watch the stuff on OTT

Actor Vishal

Laththi is directed by Vinoth Kumar for the first time. The actor says that the plot factor was the film’s script and that Vinod had the support of the entire team.

Asked how difficult or easy it is when working with a junior director, Vishal said, “There are two ways to do that, one is that you measure it when you listen to the script. The script is good but sometimes they change in execution. Vinod, when he came to me and narrated the script, I heard the script.” And I went away with the script.Playing a cop and father of a 7-year-old boy was something new so I felt it would surprise the audience.After closing,you need to surprise the audience and serve something new on a platter otherwise they will have the option to watch things on OTT.Only content-rich movies bring Audiences to theatres. His (the director’s) vision was magically transformed on screen so I’m really happy to see it in the final product.”

I called the manager and said I couldn’t have a single conversation

After Lathi, Vishal starts shooting the next Mark Anthony in which he plays a gangster. The action hero believes he should have taken a break after Laththi as the transition from playing a cop to a gangster became difficult.

After Laththi I should have taken a rest but I started shooting for Marc Anthony and was completely clueless on the set. I called the director and said I was unable to speak a single dialogue because I had not yet accepted the fact that I was playing a gangster and not a cop anymore. It is actually stressful. Also a good opportunity to do different roles but you have to keep the gap between two characters. It took me one year to complete Laththi so I should have taken a few weeks break but I couldn’t,” says the actor.

While an actor always has to live up to the audience’s expectations, Vishal says he doesn’t get too carried away by success and stumbles upon failures.

Marc Anthony will be another landmark film in my career

“You are judged by the previous Friday, so you have to be on your guard. It’s like you can’t undo your success and at the same time, give in to failure and be locked in one place. Go chase and keep moving on the delivery until you win. Marc Anthony will be another landmark film in my career, I hope,” he signs off expressing how excited he is for the release of the film in Hindi.

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