It looks like She-Hulk from Marvel’s Avengers has been canceled for good

A credible leak claims that developer studio Crystal Dynamics no longer intends to add She-Hulk to the roster of characters in Marvel’s Avengers.

marvel avengers Developer Crystal Dynamics reportedly canceled the She-Hulk version.

According to eXputer, reliable Marvel’s Avenger Leaker Miller Ross claimed that the studio canceled its plans to add She-Hulk to its roster of playable characters. Ross explained that the development of a lawyer-turned-superhero was plagued with problems, with occasional leaks and frequent internal restructuring delaying She-Hulk’s release. The absence of She-Hulk specifically has been haunting me for a long time marvel avengersRoss wrote, with several occasional confirmations in the past year not only of her presence in the pipeline but also the identity of her voice actress, Krizia Bagus. Sources told me She-Hulk was in active development in late 2021 by mostly external partners and was shelved when The Avengers Completely transformed at home under [design lead Brian Waggoner]which is a by-product of the current long-term strategy being reformed.”

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Ross further stated that Crystal Dynamics originally planned to wait for a better opportunity before restarting production on She-Hulk. He continued, “The intention was to resume work on the character at a time when the team was a large size and could support development on a large scale enough to create entirely original gameplay, after a period of smaller content drop-offs and setup improvements to show the title’s merit for further infusions of capital.” Suffice it to say that this did not materialize in the end.

She-Hulk is delaying

The report corroborated Ross’ earlier claims that Crystal Dynamics had to delay development on She-Hulk after experiencing significant shortages of its budget and manpower. Ross claimed that She-Hulk was supposed to debut in the game in 2021, but the developers chose instead to reallocate vital resources for optimization. marvel avengersa multiplayer experience and the development of Jane Foster, aka Mighty Thor. Ross also revealed that he was still skeptical about the game’s future in general, with Monk stating he wasn’t sure. marvel avengers It will reach version 4.0 due to the small number of players.

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The Winter Soldier arrives

marvel avengers Formerly added Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier, to the list of playable heroes with the release of Patch 2.7. Crystal Dynamics also revealed that the American veteran-turned-Soviet assassin will be played by American actor Scott Porter, who previously portrayed the Winter Soldier alongside other beloved Marvel characters in several superhero video games. Patch 2.7 also added a new Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat Challenge, which featured the return of the evil cyborg MODOK.

marvel avengers Available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Source: eXputer

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