Supply of Launch RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT reportedly weak due to software issues and shipping delays

The release of next-generation Nvidia GPUs wasn’t quite what many had hoped. For example, the $1,600 RTX 4090 FE is hard to find at MSRP and the expensive RTX 4080 represents a poor price/performance ratio since it doesn’t feel like a meaningful upgrade over its predecessor. The stage seems set for AMD to regain some market share from Team Green.

AMD’s upcoming RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX are much cheaper than Team Green’s offerings. Team Red claimed that the RX 7900 XTX is a direct competitor to the RTX 4080 with up to 1.7 times more performance than the RX 6950 XT at 4K. Therefore, RDNA 3 GPUs can be a viable alternative to Nvidia RTX 40 cards provided you find them within the MSRP.

Sadly, consumers may find it very difficult to get the RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX at all let alone MSRP if the latest report from igor’sLab is to be believed.

According to igor’sLab sources, a total of 10,000 RX 7900 XT/XTX reference cards will make their way to the EMEA market. Of these 10,000 boards, only 3,000 were destined for German stores leaving the rest of EMEA with a somewhat limited supply of 7,000 GPUs. AMD is expected to first release the reference designs for the RDNA 3 boards before the AIB cards make their way to market.

Now, the question is: Why such a low inventory at launch that could be a game-changer for the company because of its undermining of the competition?

Igor’sLab claims that the restricted display may be due to software issues such as BIOS and driver issues. There are alleged memory leaks in drivers that cause potential bad performance and even GPU freezes. If true, these issues may explain the RX 7900 XTX’s initially poor Geekbench run.

There are also supposed delays in delivery. Per igor’sLab, a “senior exclusive partner” could start delivering plates very close to release and it could take up to a week from launch to actual availability. Another partner of AMD has expressed similar concerns suggesting that its products will not be available for purchase until January. VideoCardz suggests that, aside from the aforementioned software issues, delays in shipments may also be due to issues caused by COVID such as factory closures.

Finally, it looks like there won’t be any RX 7900 XT/XTX reference models for mainland China. It is said that the AIB models will replace the reference models in the country when the cards launch on December 14. The reason for this sudden development appears to be the tensions between Taiwan and China.

As always, these reports are unconfirmed and totally dismissable. So, it is better to be careful here.

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