Thunivu Film Trailer: 6 hits and misses from the first glimpse of Ajith Kumar-H Vinoth’s movie

Finally, the long-awaited official teaser trailer for Thunivu, the upcoming action-packed entertainer featuring Ajith Kumar in the lead role, has come to an end. The promising trailer was revealed on the official Zee Studios YouTube channel and on team members’ social media, on Saturday, January 31 at 7pm. It is clear from the trailer that director H Vinoth and his team are all set to treat Ajith Kumar fans and moviegoers to a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience, this season of Pongal.

Thunivu Trailer

The official trailer for Thunivu confirmed H Vinoth’s directing is a heist film, depicting a cat-and-mouse chase between a group of robbers robbing a bank, police force, and many others. Ajith Kumar plays the head of a gang of robbers, while Manju Warrier appears as a partner in crime. Samuthirakani appears as DGP Dayalan, while Ajay writes the role of his partner who tries to arrest the gang. However, towards the end of the trailer, the leading man Ajith appears in a ‘Police’ jacket, indicating that the film has many surprising elements to offer.

Watch the Thunivu trailer below:

Here are the six hits and misses we noticed in the Thunivu trailer. Read on…

1. Ajith Kumar, his charisma, and screen presence (HIT)

What a treat for Ajith Kumar fans! Thunivu’s trailer showed off a fresh shade in the stylish Tamil movie star, which he barely spotted on celluloid. Most of Ajith Kumar’s recent films have portrayed him as an honest, highly effective and semi-stoic leading man. Fans and moviegoers were really missing the “Sassy” Ajith they saw in films like Mankatha, terribly. However, judging by Thunivu, it is clear that director H Vinoth has pushed Ajith Kumar to be the best he can be. The actor has also made his mark with his sheer effortlessness in a few scenes, which are sure to set the silver screens on fire. Finally, Ajith’s screen presence is unparalleled.

2. Breaking the fourth wall (Mais)

Ajith Kumar’s scenes in the trailer are edited in such a way that it ends up looking like a deliberate move to break the fourth wall. The actor, in a scene, is telling others not to act like heroes, because that’s just his job. Well, it wasn’t necessarily a bad move, but we feel like it was clearly unnecessary. Especially since Ajith Kumar is one of the very rare actors who has said no to epithets that call him ‘superstar’ or even ‘Thala’ (leader), shying away from his superstar status in every possible way. A fourth-wall-breaking scene might provide a temporary adrenaline rush to audiences, but moviegoers don’t necessarily need that kind of spoon-feeding.

3. The Trailer That Reveals Too Much (Miss)

Unfortunately, the filmmakers and their crew tend to give away a lot of information about the movie in the trailer, which clearly affects the overall experience. When it comes to the Thunivu trailer, it was interesting and intriguing until Ajith Kumar’s look with police jacket was finally revealed. We feel this suspense factor should have been kept a secret, as the big reveal may have elevated the overall theatrical experience for audiences.

Ajith Kumar in Thunivu (Trailer screenshot)

3. Working Groups (HIT)

From the trailer, it is quite clear that H Vinoth’s directing will have some well-crafted action sequences which will be a treat for action cinema lovers. Glimpses of the important scene that shows Ajith Kumar dancing as he takes down his enemies, suggest that Thunivu will have several scenes that will provide a huge adrenaline rush.

4. A Heroine Isn’t Arm Candy (HIT)

Manju Warrier, the star of Malayalam cinema who plays the title role in the film, is introduced with a scene in which she is seen firing her guns. Later, the actress is seen performing several stunt scenes, including a stunning machine gun scene. This is definitely a rare sight in the Tamil industry, as heroines are still expected to play an overgrown child in mainstream films.

Manju Warrior in Thunivu (screenshot from the trailer)

5. Clicks in character graphics (Miss)

From the head of the police investigation team DGP Dayalan and his assistant Ramachandran to the business magnet played by John Kokken, most of the supporting characters look very familiar. If you’ve noticed, the trailer for Thunivu featured an honest bank employee questioning the actions of a gray-shaded protagonist, a corrupt minister, and just about every obligatory character we’ve seen in a big-budget action movie built around a social issue. Also, the dialogue renditions of some of the supporting characters seemed almost cartoonish.

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