Aubrey Plaza reveals what happened between Cameron and Harper in White Lotus

Warning: Spoilers for the second season of “The White Lotus” below.

Although the theme of “white lotusSeason two’s infidelity, all of the cheating happens off screen – leading viewers to wonder if any of it actually happened.

Seth Meyers was clearly one of those fans, and he took the opportunity to ask Aubrey Plaza While she was on his Monday night show whether or not her character was Harper Just She kisses Cameron (Theo James).

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In episode 6 of Season 2, Harper—who has become frustrated at the lack of physical intimacy between her and her husband Ethan (Will Sharp)—decides to begin a jerky flirtation with Cameron. Ethan sees the two flirting from afar in a bar, and later notices that they are gone.

In a jealous rage, Ethan returns to his hotel room, the door of which has been locked. When Ethan finally gets into the hotel room he shares with Harper, he also discovers that the door next to Cameron’s room is open. Ethan confronts his wife about his suspicions that she cheated on him. Harper initially said nothing happened. But in the Season 2 finale, she admits to Ethan that she and Cameron kissed – and insists that’s all they’ve ever done.

“What happened was we did some stuff, and I hated every minute of it. It was disgusting and there was no penetration,” Plaza said to Myers when the talk show host asked her what really happened between the characters, before adding, “I don’t know!”

When Plaza asks Myers what he thinks happened, he says that he believes what Harper told Ethan, and that the two share “just a kiss”.

“Just a kiss?” Plaza said, surprised.

“I think each of you probably grabbed each other’s butt — by the clothes,” Myers said.

“I think I captured a little more than that,” Plaza said.

Megan Fahey, Theo James, Aubrey Plaza and Will Sharpe in Season 2, Episode 5.

James also believes that “something else” happened between his character and Harper while he was talking to Vulture Monday.

“…it was probably more than I let him half of,” James admitted to the outlet. “Maybe not the most extreme version of that scenario, but there was something else.”

James added: “I always read it as Harper says, very much. I think she feels strangely drawn to this monster that is Cameron, but she also tries to use the incident to wake Ethan out of his existential and sexual fantasies.”

Plaza told Myers that she thinks the most exciting story out of the “White Lotus” arc is whatever happened between her husband and Cameron’s wife, Daphne (Megan Fahey).

In the Season 2 finale, Ethan confronts Daphne, saying that their husbands cheated on them with each other. In response to Daphne Fahey – in a An amazing 30-second performance – convinces Ethan to follow her to a nearby deserted island, where they also supposedly engage in foreplay that viewers don’t see.

“But what does my husband do? That’s the real question… What does he do, you know, what’s her face?” Plaza said, referring to the earlier scene.

Fahey had her own opinion of what was going on between Daphne and Ethan while talking to Vanity Fair In an interview published on Monday.

“I suspect [Daphne] She just sees this guy who looks so broken that she really wants to help him feel better,” Fahey said.

Shes added that Daphne’s role in her relationship with the vacationing couple in “The White Lotus” is to “teach not only Harper but also Ethan that they have other options”.

“I don’t think she is [goes to the island with Ethan] Fahey said. “I honestly think in her weird way that this is like an empathic thing she’s doing, the way she’s trying to take care of these people.”

Although Fahey was candid about Daphne’s state of mind, she wasn’t so much when she told a story to Myers. earlier this month about why she and Plaza got lost on a hiking trip they took while filming in Sicily. To hear the trio side of the story, watch the video above.

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