Lane addresses future Kevin at the Ole Miss job, Auburn after losing the Egg Bowl

Lane Kiffin kept it brief when asked about his future at Ole Miss after his team finished the regular season schedule.

After the Rebels lost 24-22 in the Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving night, Kevin was asked if he expected to be the Ole Miss coach next season, even if he was offered the job at Auburn. His response was two words.

“I do,” he told reporters in Oxford, Miss.

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Kevin’s name has been associated with the Auburn opener since the Tigers’ new athletics director, John Cohen, began his Halloween quest. Kevin has long been seen as a front-runner to replace Brian Harsin, who was fired after going 9-12 in the 21st season. match. Speculation about Kevin’s candidacy has grown in the past week as the regular season winds down.

He was asked about Auburn’s opener after last weekend’s loss to Arkansas, saying he didn’t know if he was the Tigers’ best candidate, and then again Monday during his weekly Egg Bowl preview press conference. During those remarks, Kevin — who said he doesn’t discuss such things during the season — joked about giving a “pine box” speech like Tommy Tuberville’s infamous 1998 speech before leaving Ole Miss for Auburn, or a line like the one Nick Saban spoke in 2006 about not being the next head coach at Alabama shortly before he left the Miami Dolphins for the Tidepool. He’s also been content with his current situation at Ole Miss, signing a new four-year contract last December that pays him $7.25 million this season, good for the 11th highest-paid coach in college football.

Kevin then took offense to a local Mississippi TV reporter who reported Monday night that Kevin was headed to Auburn on Friday despite not being offered the job at the time. Kevin took to Twitter to release his own “report” while shooting down WCBI’s John Sokoloff in Columbus, Miss. After Thursday’s loss, Kevin addressed the situation, saying he had to hold a team meeting to address the “false reports” on the Monday news.

“I had to get a team meeting to say his article was wrong,” Kevin said. “…So yeah, I had to deal, and I had to have a team meeting because of that. They don’t, when other things are in chat rooms and all that stuff, but when a reporter writes it, it’s a game changer.” “.

Kevin refused to go into details of the meeting, beyond telling his players that the report was inaccurate.

He was also asked on Thursday night if he expected to sign another contract extension with the Rebels after a report surfaced last week that Ole Miss had offered Kiffin a new contract and a raise to stay at Oxford. Kiffin is in his third year with Ole Miss and has gone 23-12 during that time, including an 8-4 mark this season, as the Rebels have lost four of their last five games after a 7-0 start.

Kevin said, “I don’t know.” “I mean, you signed three. Does the fourth mean you’ll never leave? So, I don’t know. I’m more focused and concerned about the game than whether you’re going to sign another contract. And I’m not being ungrateful about it, but then again, everyone thinks you’ve signed another contract, Well, a year ago I said the same thing, and here we are again.”

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