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Limited to just 150 examples, the interior features rich mohair carpeting and elegant trim

by Sebastian Bell

December 12, 2022 at 14:35

    The new Mercedes-Maybach S 680

by Sebastian Bell

Mercedes-Maybach has taken the wraps off its latest limited edition, and it’s inspired by the world of haute couture. The automaker will produce just 150 of the elegantly-appointed luxury sedan it calls the “Haute Voiture.”

“Intricate features and exclusive design elements are what make the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture one of the most luxurious models we have ever created – it represents sophisticated luxury in its purest form,” said Gorden Wagner, Mercedes Chief Design Officer. “Our customers have access to the most ambitious lifestyle, so we wanted to reflect that by creating something completely desirable and using components never before seen in a Mercedes-Maybach.”

Based on the Maybach S 680, the new model’s exterior featured a two-tone paint finish. All vehicles will be painted navy metallic blue on top, with a pink tone on the bottom section. The wheels complete the design, and they’re painted blue like the top.

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This color palette continues inside, along with gold and beige, and this is where the car’s haute couture inspiration really shines. High-quality blue and gold bouclé fabric is the centerpiece of the interior, covering the trim on the interior, as well as the intricate detailing inside the seat and cushion cushions.

Crystal white leather on the seats, console, and doors welcomes passengers in sumptuous luxury. Meanwhile, the floor mats are made of linen and mohair, and the champagne flutes are painted rose gold. The roof features a repeating three-point star pattern for Mercedes.

The MBUX infotainment system has also been updated for this model with sparkling clouds and shimmering rose gold accents to greet passengers as they enter. The avatars in the system’s profile selection menu dress their Sunday best too, donning jackets, coats, and evening gowns.

Finally, those who purchase the S 680 Haute Voiture will also be treated to a handcrafted gift box featuring the vehicle’s badge number, scale model, and key ring. It also includes a special Maybach and Haute Voiture car cover.

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Customers looking to really complete the look are also welcome to purchase the matching luggage set, which will be sold online and in luxury stores around the world. The limited edition bags will feature many of the same design and material options as the vehicle itself.

“The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture heralds a new chapter of high exclusivity for the brand,” said Daniel Lesko, Head of Mercedes-Maybach. “With a limited limited edition of 150 units, the Special Edition reflects our brand philosophy to occasionally release aspirational collectibles. Thus, we are reinforcing Maybach’s position as a leader in luxury and facilitating one-of-a-kind luxury experiences that exceed our customers’ expectations.”

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