Judas, a new game from the makers of BioShock, has been announced at The Game Awards

The holidays have come early for BioShock fans, after a trailer revealed the launch of Ken Levine’s new game at the 2022 Game Awards. Called Judas, Levine’s new narrative-driven game is unrelated to the BioShock franchise but shares many visual similarities with the series, which is Something that longtime Levine fans are sure to appreciate.

The trailer itself follows the game’s heroine, Judas, as she struggles to survive on a destroyed spaceship. The psychological thriller FPS features gameplay mechanics and visual aesthetic similar to BioShock – something that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The trailer doesn’t go into much detail regarding the game’s plot, but we do know that like Judas, players must decide whether or not to trust other characters during combat for a chance to “fix what’s broken” (presumably this Reference) Starship Judas Lives).

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