‘Destiny 2’ stripped the enemies down, lowered their power and made things better

While there are as many issues with Destiny 2 as always, there was one major change that seemed to be drawing a lot of positive interest within the community for seraph season.

Bungie made the game…more difficult.

Specifically, they didn’t do this by hardening the builds of popular players, but by buffing enemies into one specific location, the standard seasonal activity story playlist. The Heist Battlegrounds playlist has set the enemy’s power level to +5 automatically higher wherever players are. So you can’t bypass it. Combined with the heroes and great enemy density, the seasonal activity has made this time… actually kind of difficult.

Most guys seem to be enjoying this, including me. A common complaint about a lot of Destiny 2 content is that you can complete it all with blue weapons if you really want to because it’s that easy. But changing things up this way, taking a page from the legendary Witch Queen’s campaign which I believe has +10 enemies instead, now it’s a real challenge that forces you to do some actual building and strategic play.

In fact, the +5 power spread is so popular, I’m seeing players starting to suggest it should be moved to get a heroic version of the strike playlist, one with booster bonuses. It contributes to the idea that Destiny 2’s power level is growing increasingly irrelevant as it is removed from more and more activities, even now seasonal, in this case.

There are some issues, however, and that is that having heroes in this playlist (they weren’t in the legendary Witch Queen campaign) still restricts the type of gear you can power up. And because the missions are harder, they are generally longer.

However, Bungie made an additional change to help with that. Pursuing weapons from seasonal activity, specifically crafting modes, is less oppressive than it was in the past. There will be two included Deepsight weapon drops per week with knockout protection, as well as an additional upgrade to grant more chances on Deepsights from the last crate. There’s a foolproof Deepsight engram in the cast’s ranking area, and the coins for IKELOS and Seraph weapon farming are more readily available than they’ve ever been.

In short, you play harder and longer seasonal activities, but you don’t have to play them as hard throughout the season to get all the weapons you’re looking for. For me, this represents a really positive change.

Bungie said they’ll be experimenting with the power level throughout the next year, and this “temporary” stage is a little weird because for example, the dungeon was easier than the seasonal activity this week, because it’s 1570 power as opposed to a +5 steal. Kind of weird.

But yeah, I’d consider this a positive change overall, as I actually find Heists more engaging than Nightmare Containment or Ketchcrash as a result. We’ll see if that holds up as the season goes on, but one answer to some of Destiny’s problems seems to be making the core content a touch more challenging and, at the same time, more rewarding.

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