Roundup: Here’s what critics are saying about “High On Life” on Xbox Game Pass

Prior to the release, critics were going through the entire game to give some reviews. We also played High on Life here on the Pure Xbox (PC version), but unfortunately we received our review code very late, so we’re delaying our verdict by up to 24 hours as we continue to push through to the end of the campaign.

With that said, here’s what early reviews say about High on Life so far:

High On Life is one of the funniest games I’ve played in a while and a great game to end the year with.

Squanch Games managed to capitalize on the mistakes Trover made, as well as find holes in the FPS genre to create a fun shooter full of outrageous humor that never fails to make me laugh. There’s not much to do outside of the main story, but that doesn’t mean its writing or structure has failed to give me something to like.”

“[Some] Admittedly, serious technical concerns aside, high on life It is otherwise a consistently entertaining game from start to finish. It proves that Squanch Games can deliver an excellent traditional gaming experience alongside quality VR titles, and it will be exciting to see what the studio does next.

Let’s be real for a second: high on life Don’t reinvent the wheel. To the game’s credit, it’s hard to do something in the FPS genre that we haven’t seen before. However, I am sure of it high on lifeThe ability to give players a good time. You are guaranteed to laugh and have fun.”

“Inclusive, high on life It is a solid first-person shooter/adventure game. The action is exciting, and the boss fights are frustrating in difficulty but satisfying once you take down someone.”

“High on Life is a confident and capable Metroidvania that really delights in being as weird and quirky as can be. In offering combat backed by conversational weapons and worlds crafted with endless distraction, Squanch Games has created something worth your time, even if some of its elements lack polish.”

“as it is, high on life is a great weekend Game Pass pick-up, and something to tread carefully if you’re a fan of Roiland’s work. I appreciate what Squanch Games is doing for the industry as a whole, however Trover saves the universe It was a much better distillation of Royland and the company’s own humor in a sounder package. “

Anyone who isn’t thrilled at the idea of ​​having Roiland constantly chattering in his ear for twelve hours straight will likely find the game’s constant need to impose itself on the player annoying. With the addition of unconvincing combat, frustrating exploration, and nothing else to offer players, high on life is one of the most disturbing, derivative, and dangerous experiences in years.”

“High on Life doesn’t care if you think it’s terrible, why should I waste your time spelling it? This is a flaccid action game and empty, rambling satire locked in a defensive state of indifference to all of you and your existence.”

The majority of critics seem to be having a good time with High on Life so far, though we haven’t seen that So many hits so far – probably because so many reviewers are still trying to finish the game! High on Life does not have a Metacritic score at the time of writing, but its OpenCritic rating is currently on. 73.

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