Opinion: Rajamouli speaks like “Vruddha Nari Pativrata”

Watching Kantara, Rajamouli says the mindsets of producers and directors must be changed. He maintains that big budgets and stars are not required to make big collections at the box office.

Kantara was made at 16 crore (as officially stated) but it got more than 400 crore. Therefore, the net profit is very huge and is nearly 25 times of the investment. On the other hand, Rajamouli’s RRR and Babubali can’t match Kantara’s feat in terms of ROI.

Regardless, Rajamouli continued to increase his films’ budgets for the following reasons:

Spending huge amounts of money on groups
– Outsourcing VFX and CGI to offshore companies and technicians
– The method of creating a vacuum in the name of perfection
Increase spending on local and international promotions

Despite all this being done, evening has become a daunting task. But without following any of these, Kantara achieved the greatest success.

Hanuman was made by native Telugu artists on a budget of 20-25 crores with good enough graphics. Kantara, KGF and Bimbisara also have the graphics the way they should be. So why do big blockbusters burn hundreds of crores on graphics?

Movies like PS1, Brahmastra, and But nevertheless, fake group reports are shown to keep the project in a bright light. We know that PS1 has not been launched anywhere in India except Tamil Nadu. The fate of Brahmastra is also known. Dil Raju himself recently revealed that Bahubali-The Beginning had incurred losses for the producers. RRR also caused some distributors to dump losses in India. But when the movie comes out in Japan, the makers add new characters to the overall ensemble to make it look bigger than hit films like KGF2.

Qantara is magic that is not always possible. It worked even though there was potential in it.

Kantara and Karthikeya2 have regular heroes but they did well at the box office. Acharya has two star leads but that was a massive disaster. Therefore, directors like Rajamouli must understand that making films with old-school methods like picture, formula, high budget and routine content proves to be a burden on the shoulders of the producers.

Now audiences are showing their Patruzi to movies like Kantara, Karthikeya 2 and Drushyam-2. The person who makes films on a small budget, in less time with out-of-the-box content is the real big director now. Rajamouli is the complete opposite. He is known for big and bigger projects. He even introduced the Brahmastra in South India. But he still spoke the opposite of what he was doing.

There is a saying in Telugu- “Vriddha Nari Pativrata” which refers to the old lady espousing morality (although she had all kinds of pleasures at a young age). Now this adage can be applied to Rajamouli. He is the one who introduced Baahubalian’s budgets in the Hindi film industry. He’s the one who has corrupted the mentalities of the heroes by sowing greed, earning too much for every movie they make. But now he echoes the “low budget” mantra.

Kiran Sharma

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