Someone has returned a recording of The Beatles after 44 years to a San Antonio library

An old recording of The Beatles’ John Lennon and Paul McCartney on cassette has appeared in the dropbox at the Great Northwest Branch Library.

The recording featured one cassette – 30 minutes long – of the legendary English rockers discussing the “magic” of the Beatles, talking “seriously about the drugs they used”. According to the date stamped on the borrowing card inside, it was 16,140 days late.

It’s impossible to know who replayed the recording, which appeared in late October, said Scott Williams, director of marketing for the San Antonio Public Library. The cassette tape was so old that its records are no longer in the library collection.

When the San Antonio Public Library announced last October that it would be eliminating all late fines, the goal was to get people back into the roughly 30 branches across the city.

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It worked: a steady trickle of returned late material trickled in. Most items are about a year or so late. But a handful of treasures also appeared.

The Beatles recording was pulled from Westfall Library in 1978. Other returns of note this year included a series of books on chess, one of which was entitled How to Get the Most Out of Your Computer at Chess, which was pulled from Central Library which was 21 years late.

An old recording of John Lennon and Paul McCartney appeared on cassette tape in the Westfall branch bookstore drop box overnight recently.

Courtesy of the San Antonio Public Library

The vinyl record “I am Juan de Pareja” by Elizabeth Burton de Trevino was also recently returned to the Schaefer Branch Library. Marked in 1974.

“I don’t want to presume too much, but I think there’s probably at least some feeling in the community that without the threat of late fines, if you’ve had a book that’s been sitting on the shelf for so long, now’s the time to put it back in,” Williams said. Now. You definitely won’t get suspended. There are no more of those barriers to using the library and that’s exactly what we wanted.”

Among the noteworthy returns this year is a series of books on chess, one of which is titled

Among the noteworthy returns this year were a series of books on chess, one of which, titled How to Get the Most Out of Your Computer at Chess, was pulled from the Central Library 21 years overdue.

Courtesy of the San Antonio Public Library

Prior to the change in policy, San Antonio public libraries imposed late fines. SAPL charged 35 cents per day with a maximum of $10 per adult item in late fines. Event items used to be 15 cents per day up to $6 per item, but those fines were removed as part of a pilot program in 2019.

After 21 days, the book will be considered lost and a replacement fee will be charged. Last September, the Express-News reported that the largest fine outstanding was $451.

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Patrons can still be charged for lost or damaged items, and anyone who owes $50 or more cannot check out items. However, beneficiaries can regain their borrowing privileges by enrolling in a payment plan.

Starting in Nashville in 2017, libraries across the country began eliminating late fees. Dallas followed two years later. In 2019, San Antonio waived late fees on items categorized as “juvenile” or “young adult”.

The Express-News reported at the time that suspended fines for children and teens led to a 67 percent drop in youth library cards that were blocked.

The vinyl record has also recently been returned

The vinyl “I, Juan de Pareja” by Elizabeth Burton de Trevino was also recently returned to the Schaefer Branch Library. Marked in 1974.

Courtesy of the San Antonio Public Library

Predictably, little has changed since the library canceled the late fines, Williams said.

Williams said that some fear that eliminating late fines will reduce the number of books returned or that people will not take the program seriously because there will be no consequences for keeping a book after its return date. The San Antonio Public Library has not seen an increase in waiting times or waiting times for materials. People also still return library items on time.

Surprisingly, Williams said, so little is known about Beatles records, chess books or vinyl records.

According to the description of the Beatles recording, Lennon and McCartney discussed “the one thing” that contributed to the band’s success, what they had done “to stop taking hard drugs” and what their plans were for “future use”.

“The two young men who do the compositions and lyrics for the group speak forcefully, humorously, and frequently at the same time,” according to the description.

The recording of the Beatles will be submitted to the Genealogical and Texana Section of the Central Library. If the department decides it will be added to the group. Otherwise, it will be destroyed.

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