Spatial audio and more are coming to Pixel phones as part of an exclusive Android beta

The first beta of Android 13 QPR2 (Quarterly Platform Release) is currently live for select Google Pixel models, giving us a sneak peek at what features and tweaks should eventually be coming to more Android phones.

phones that get the beta, According to Google’s Android Developers page (Opens in a new tab)Pixel 4 (4a and 4a 5G), Pixel 5 (base model and 5a), Pixel 6 series, and Pixel 7 series. The release notes don’t say anything about what’s in the build, but senior Android expert Mishal Rahman has broken everything down in a file. Long Twitter thread (Opens in a new tab). Everything in the beta can be divided into two categories: design changes that will get all of the Pixel devices listed and features that are exclusive to a few.

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