National Dog Show 2022 Results: Best in Show and Winners List

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For the second time in four years, a bulldog won Best in Show at the National Dog Show.

This time, it was Winston the French Bulldog who finished the two-year run for the Scottish deer breed.

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The annual event was held at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. There are 209 AKC-registered breeds that compete, with dogs classified into one of seven groups.

The first stage of the competition involves dogs vying for the title of best in breed. Those selected advance in the box for the first-in-the-breed title.

After narrowing the field from 209 breeds to collective winners, the seven contestants go head-to-head for the prestigious Best in Show award.

Here is the list of dogs that made it to the final stage of the competition.

hunting dogs: Nate (Arbor Walker Coonhound)

toy: Cooper (English Toy Spaniel)

grazing: River (German Shepherd)

Sporting: Sloane (Irish Water Spaniel)

Unsportsmanlike: Winston (French Bulldog)

a job: Reuss (Alaskan Malamute)

There was an air of confidence around Winston during the group stage. He even took his handler short when it was announced that he had won first place in the group among non-sporting breeds.

There was no shortage of competition for Winston to beat in his quest for the best show.

Winston’s win marks the first time since the competition was first televised in 2002 that a French bulldog has won first prize.

The dog also has a personal connection to the world of sports, as Winston is owned by Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Morgan Fox.

Fox said Hayley Elwood From the Chargers official website, he came to own Winston because he is being raised by his grandmother:

“Two years ago, she had a litter box and she asked me if I would be interested in keeping one of the puppies. Of course I told her! It worked because Kai [Fox’s fiancé] French wanted. So we went there and she gave us Winston and said that when he gets older, she would like to show him. It was kind of, we don’t really know where it was going, but it was a passion and a labor of love for my grandmother.”

Fox noted that Winston has been a “winning machine” since he began his show career when he was about a year old.

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