Rumor: Warner Bros. Spotting to Reboot the Harry Potter Movie Franchise

A new rumor says that Warner Bros. Discovery will restart the Harry Potter movie franchise.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Warner Bros. Pictures

These new rumors come on the heels of David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, announced that it wants to continue the Harry Potter franchise during the company’s third-quarter 2022 earnings call.

Last November, Zaslav responded to a question from Wells Fargo analyst Stephen Cahal who told him, “First, we’re going to have a real focus on franchises. We haven’t had a Superman movie in 13 years. We haven’t done a Harry Potter movie in 15 years. He did a DC movie.” And the Harry Potter movies are a lot of Warner Bros. Motion Pictures’ earnings over the last 25 years. So focus on — one of the big advantages we have, House of the Dragon is an example of that, Game of Thrones, benefiting from Sex and the City. We still have the right to do The Lord of the Rings movies.”

He later added, “And so when you have a movie franchise, you can often make 2 to 3 times the amount you make in the US because you get a slot. And focus on big, blockbuster, blockbusters that people will leave home, leave early from.” Dinner to go watch and we’ve got a lot of them, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, if we can do something with JK in Harry Potter going forward, Lord of the Rings. What are we going to do with Game of Thrones? What are we doing with a lot of the big franchises we have? We’re focused on privileges.”

Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley and Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001), Warner Bros. Pictures

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After nearly two months of such comments, these new rumors about a reboot of the Harry Potter movie franchise come from well-known scooper and leaker WDW Pro.

He posted on Twitter, “WBD is reportedly looking to restart the Harry Potter movie franchise, including recasts, in the next 3-5 years.”

“We will be posting some details of how I learned of this information, provided by a source, on Valliant Renegade tomorrow morning,” he concluded.

WDW Pro Twitter

On Valliant Renegade, WDW Pro reiterated the rumors, “It now seems very likely that the Harry Potter universe, which I believe is internally called the Wizarding Oath, is receiving a future reboot in terms of films.”

“This may also include recasting some of the roles that have become iconic within the Harry Potter universe with the main cast and characters,” he added.

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WDW Pro then explained that this would be a remake of J.K. Rowling’s first seven Harry Potter novels, “We’re not talking about Fantastical Beasts. We’re not talking about some of these Harry Potter ancillary things. We’re talking about what is referred to within the industry as Primary Harry Potter.” .

Then Valliant Renegade puts it more bluntly, “You’re looking at the original cast: Harry, Hermione, Ron. New cast. Starting over.”

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001), Warner Bros. Pictures

However, later in the video, WDW Pro notes that it may not be a straight reboot, “The way they’re rebooting this franchise doesn’t have to be standard reboot fare, where we go back to the origin of a character we’ve already had an adventure with.” With. There are so many different ways to do this, and we’re not here to tell you that we know what’s out there yet.”

“They’re nowhere near, I think, being at that point,” he continued, “Actually, according to the source, they don’t have some kind of James Gunn in charge of this. That’s part of what they’re aiming for.”

Gary Oldman as Sirius Black, Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger, Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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As for why they’d completely reboot, Valliant Renegade posited, “They feel like the original Harry Potter base is kind of aging and they want to revitalize that or update it, or make something new to attract new audiences to theaters.”

WDW Pro also added, “From a standpoint of the OG stuff, the core Harry Potter stuff, I mean it’s a dormant franchise, which is why we’re told that in the next three to five years, they’re looking to reboot this thing.”

“As all the other things within this Potter universe, within this Wizards division of Warner Bros. discovery, it doesn’t take off the way they need to in order to keep the franchise going,” he explained. “And they’ve invested so much in the franchise that it’s dormant or secondary. They want it to be a very strong evergreen property. And by that we mean that it sells all the time, that it’s always top of mind for consumers.”

“And because they haven’t been able to get the other stuff, these spinoffs off the ground and gain that momentum that they had with the originals, the thinking they have is that it’s time for Hollywood to get over this fear of recasting and so they’re willing to do that,” she said.

Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

What do you think of these recent rumors? Want to see a Harry Potter reboot?

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