PC patches for the Callisto protocol restore it to its “yeah, it’s ok” glory

Since its launch last Friday, Striking Distance Studio’s Callisto Protocol has been, I can only imagine, working disastrously hard on the PC build. The game was almost unplayable on PC because the shader compilation was causing a stutter whenever anything new happened for the first time, which isn’t ideal in any game, but especially not an atmospheric horror game with jump scares. It’s hard to be afraid of something if the game stops for more than a second when it happens.

In any case, The point is, a patch was released over the weekend, and another one yesterday. I’m out of town now so I haven’t been able to pin the second one, but I did play the first test, and a gift you know? The Callisto protocol worked smoothly for me, using a computer with the recommended specs.

This place has a way of changing you, like, figuratively but also literally, like how people have mutated into-y… You see what I’m saying? What am I getting here?

At the very least, this effort means that the game has climbed to mixed review status on Steam. It’s always a shame when something like this happens, because on PS5 the Callisto Protocol looks really impressive. You put your work out into the world, and you want it to be judged on its merits. You don’t want people to not even be able to find the feature due to technical issues.

The thing is, in terms of merit, I still think Callisto Protocol is just about all right. The integration of motion and combat controls will still be divisive, and NG+ won’t be coming until next year, and it’s just kind of a bit off-the-beaten-track, really. Like I said in a pro post, The Callisto Protocol seems to think it’s a prestige horror like, you know, Hereditary or The Babadook when it’s actually an Eli Roth movie.

This is not to pass a value judgment on different genres of horror, because one of the most annoying things about the term “prestige horror” is that it devalues ​​other horror subgenres. I am overly fond of many different types of horror. Tropical gory horror can be as good as the horror it makes you think – but not if it’s embarrassing about what it is. You need a consistent tone to create a consistent experience

But what does a room full of hanging corpses and entrails do? Represent?

Callisto Protocol is a game where you step on dead bodies like balloons! You’re throwing mutants in the shavings and raining blood! One character performs several monologues, the content of which can also be replaced by “I’m evil”! lean on it enjoy it. don’t be shy! You don’t have to pretend it’s anything more than it is. That’s why “new experience” instead of “new game” in the title’s menu struck me as so ridiculous. Callisto Protocol actually does some pretty cool things with its systems, and even the combat doesn’t have to be as curvy as you’d think, but the game is so focused on being prestige and terrifying that it doesn’t want to. He destroys Experience With earthly shit like powerful Turorialising.

So, update: Callisto protocol is working fine on PC now. There are some good things about it, however. you know. yes it is OK. Acceptable. Get it on sale, maybe. You will have fun.

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