Intel “Raptor Lake-S Refresh” Q3 2023 Confirmed, Sapphire Rapids HEDT Specs Leaked –

Roadmaps of Intel products for consumers, workstations, and data centers have been leaked

The rumors were true, as Intel is already releasing updated Raptor Lake-S processors next year.

The longevity of the socket will be extended for other series. This is confirmed by the new leaked Intel roadmap. Slides posted today by @9550pro Showcasing upcoming desktop and workstation products over the next five quarters. This includes the yet to be released Sapphire Rapids-WS and updated Raptor Lake-S CPUs.

This is the first time we’ve seen a direct reference to Raptor Lake-S Refresh. The plan seems to be to launch it early in the third quarter of next year, so perhaps less than a year after the announcement of the first 13th-generation Core CPUs.

Intel Raptor Lake-S Refresh, Source: @9550pro

According to this roadmap, Intel will refresh the entire desktop platform with 125W, 65W, and 35W SKUs. It is important to note that the current 13th Gen processors with core power below 125W have not yet been released, but are scheduled to be released next month. next. This means we now know that in 10 months or so, there will be an update for these SKUs as well.

Intel Chipset Roadmap, Source: @9550pro

And most importantly, no update to the 800-series chipset is planned for the updated series. This means that all current and soon to be released 700 series motherboards will be compatible with the updated CPU series. The Z790 motherboard will continue to be the top tier for gaming systems, which will be accompanied by the W790 platform for Sapphire Rapids-WS workstation CPUs.

Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS and Core-X series off

Intel Sapphire Rapids specifications, source: @9550pro

Leaker also deployed Intel chipsets for the entire Sapphire Rapids-WS and Sapphire Rapids-SP series. These are the new HEDT / Workstation and Data Center products. The leak also features every SKU confirming core/thread configurations and clocks. Furthermore, this also confirms that there will be unlocked variants, which put overclocking high-powered Intel CPUs back on the table.

Intel Sapphire Rapids specifications, source: @9550pro

The slide above shows that the Xeon Workstation series will succeed the entire Core-X lineup. What Intel appears to be confirming here is that the Xeon SKUs will be used for workstations/HEDT platforms going forward. This basically means that the Core-X CPUs are dead. It has also been confirmed that the new CPUs will be released as early as Q1 2023, which was also mentioned by some leakers.

The W-2400 series is confirmed to include a default TDP of up to 225 watts. Enthusiasts should expect up to 24 cores and a clock speed of up to 4.8GHz. These processors will support four-channel memory up to DDR5-4800 specification.

Intel W-2400 Workstation Series, Source: @9550pro

The high-end W-3400 series will have up to 56 cores and clocks up to 4.8GHz. This is a more capable platform with PCIe Gen5 lanes increased from 64 to 112. Furthermore, the TDP is higher for these SKUs as well, coming in at 350W (base power). These systems will also support 8-channel DDR5 memory.

Intel W-3400 Workstation Series, Source: @9550pro

Very similar specifications are used by the Sapphire Rapids-SP series of servers. For the Xeon Platinum 8400 series, users can expect clocks of up to 3.8GHz and no support for Intel Boost Max 3.0 (available with the HEDT series). This platform will also only support 80 lanes of PCIe devices, but the 8-channel memory is reserved.

Intel Workstation Sapphire Rapids-SP Series, Source: @9550pro

Overall, this leak shows an impressive lineup of next year’s Intel CPU series. The company will update its desktop CPU series just as AMD is said to introduce its Ryzen 7000X3D CPUs. At the same time, we should expect the Zen4 update to the Ryzen Threadripper PRO series. Ultimately, the two companies will be competing in many more markets, which is a huge win for consumers and finally enthusiasts, too.

source: @9550pro (Raptor Lake-S)And the W-2400And the W-3400And the SRP-WS

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