Raja Koduri of Intel’s Next Generation Battle Road Map and Celestial GPU: Yes, absolutely!

Raja Kodori, Head of GPUs at Intel, recently gave an interview to Gadgets360 that has some nuggets of additional confirmation and a hint of new information. He also reiterated the absolute commitment to the Arc GPU roadmap, something we previously confirmed to our readers. If you want to read the full interview, you can head over to Gadgets360 to do so although a lot of the Q&A pertains to the Indian region.

Intel remains fully committed to the next generation of Arc GPUs: Battlemage and Celestial

Before we go any further, here are the relevant excerpts from the interview:

  • Will you stick to the roadmap for Battlemage and Celestial?

Koduri Tracking: Yes, of course.

  • Intel stated that it is improving the top 100 still DX11 and DX9. Is this happening? And how fast is it rolled out?

Koduri Tracking: I think you should see a big update before Christmas.

  • Are GPU design cycles also about 24-30 months long, as with Intel CPUs?

Koduri Tracking: Not right. Doing new architecture is always very challenging. New builds take 3-4 years, but then once you have a baseline, the iteration on them is very fast. Since we come from nothing, we want to iterate quickly so that we can catch up with the competition in every sector.

  • When you say more is coming in 2023 and there will be more board partners, does that mean the next generation is coming in 2023?

Koduri Tracking: I’m not going to talk much about Battlemage, but the Arc itself has a lot of headroom.

Interview excerpt credit: Gadgets360.

Note that while Raja was all set to say that Intel is sticking to the roadmap, he declined to comment on specific timelines for 2023. This is in line with what I told our readers in my exclusive when the Arc cancellation rumors first surfaced:

  • Intel will decide internally whether or not an Alchemist update is appropriate by 2023 – before Battlemage is introduced. This decision has not yet been made. This does not constitute a cancellation of Arc anymore it is an AMD Radeon cancellation (AMD used a Polaris chip for several generations: 4xx, 5xx, 6xx).
  • Regardless of the delay, *as of now* Intel remains committed to bringing Battlemage to discrete desktop graphics. Barring any Black Swan event, you should see Battlemage in a separate desktop format by late 2023 or early 2024 depending on how fast research and development goes.

Excerpted from the exclusive “The Future of Intel Arc”.

As I mentioned, Intel will make an internal decision on whether or not an Alchemist update is warranted (depending on the state of the GPU market – which seems to be getting better for IHVs I might add) as the expectation was the second – manual provisioning of GPUs would eliminate The market for original SKUs for at least a year. Depending on this decision, we may see Battlemage in late 2023 or push it back to next year – but it’s definitely coming.

While the hardware side of the Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs is already quite decent, the software hasn’t been able to keep up with the expansion from integrated graphics which is something the company is working to improve greatly. Recently, a driver patch greatly improved gaming performance in older titles and this iterative optimization process should continue into late 2023 by the time we see the Alchemist or Battlemage update. The Battlemage die is a complete desktop deathmatch and will be much more powerful than Alchemist by Intel’s own admission, so it may be a year or two before we see a really powerful Intel card.

Once your Intel driver issues are completely resolved, what might you consider buying?

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